Global Alliance of Leading Edge
Schools for Sustainability

Young Innovators for Sustainability

School students, 16-19 years-old, are the beating hearts of GALESS initiatives. With more than 200 research-contributions in the last decade, they give direction to a sustainable society where contributions in local communities and perspectives in international cooperation meet in dynamic learning event settings.
Energy Transit. 2023 : Conferences in USA, Poland, Bali & Melbourne
Energy Transit. 2023 : Conferences in USA, Poland, Bali & Melbourne


To bring together young students in a meeting of hearts and minds, plant seeds of friendship and dialogue, instil in them an awareness of issues facing humanity across the continents and empower them towards impactful action within their community.


To nurture young students who feel proud, included and competent in contributing towards global issues, through scientific and social sciences research, evidence-based practice and ethical thinking, by way of taking part in international conferences convened by GALESS.


Our network, Global Alliance of Leading Edge Schools for Sustainability (GALESS), is focused especially on the theme of sustainability in five different research areas.

We will work to convene TiltShift Conferences, invite schools to rally round our shared future and create opportunities for students across the globe to put their hearts and minds together, to uplift their community and make the world a more sustainable place.

Themes For a Sustainable Future

Here are the five themes that we will build our programmes and events around:

We need to prepare our youths for the future by developing in them the knowledge, skills and dispositions to lead and influence. To make a positive impact locally and globally, let them consider topics such as the sources of life, such as our oceans, food chain and climate. Let them focus on innovation and coupled with scientific research skills, work with peers and other partners to engender a range of creative solutions for a sustainable future.

We call young students to contribute to research on healthcare challenges and share their projects as committed global citizens regardless of their nationality or culture. We want them to work as a team, adopt a shared purpose and common framework to fight the threats to global health. We will encourage them to join worldwide efforts and lead in fighting pandemics and enhancing community health where they are.

We want young students to be aware of race- and multicultural issues and work in cross-cultural teams, to think about diversity, inclusivity. Students will adopt a shared purpose and common framework to fight the possible dangers and threats to a sustainable society due to racism and extremism. We hope their research will contribute towards perspectives, interventions and actions that will enhance citizenship and belonging and have a positive impact on their local communities.

One of the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and agenda for sustainable development for 2030 seeks to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger by halving the number of people living on less than US$ 1.25 per day. Billions of our citizens continue to live in poverty and are denied a life of dignity. There are rising inequalities within and among countries. There are enormous disparities of opportunity, wealth and power. Reducing poverty requires governments to focus on many issues, such as nutritional needs, access to resources and education. It is clear, any new approach takes time and must be based on active collaboration and sustainable development. Let’s have our students share ideas and take action within their sphere of influence.

Innovative technology in energy transition will have huge impacts on every citizen in the upcoming decades. Sustainable conversion with respect to reducing carbon footprint will preserve nature and environment. Let our students focus on the environment, fight against pollution and plastics, preserve nature and our ecosystem and through scientific research and inquiry, generate solutions in their local communities.

Why be involved with GALESS ?

  • connect with other students and teachers around the globe,
  • listen to presentations from leaders in the field,
  • hear different perspectives of others in the world,
  • collaborate on projects with one or more schools interested in the same topics,
  • be involved  in global activities and discussion on the world stage,
  • participate in research on topics that impact the world,
  • compete in academic competitions with schools around the globe,
  • come together (virtually or in-person when safe) for global conferences.

What GALESS can offer:

  • An international conference planned with a host school with support and practical assistance from the GALESS team
  • A quality framework for sustainable student research projects at the school level
  • An international jury consisting of professionals, dedicated to different research areas
  • Contacts with international organisations to partner or coach students on specialised research areas
  • A network of international keynote speakers for sustainability programmes and events
  • A global network of school contacts of high schools around the world for student collaboration and interaction
  • Local & international media support